Crystal Blue Persuasion – When the laws Walks

Existence, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Inalienable rights of the American citizen detuned inside the announcement of Independence. Entrenched it is within the memory of unattainable pursuits that grew to be a truth as a fledging, cold and unwell prepared navy stood with God and confronted probably almost probably the most potent army force on the earth, and received. It was as quickly as the commonplace opening of the city on the hill whose beckoning gentle would shine for greater than 240 years, penetrating the darkness of humanity through the desire, force and faith of her contributors. This is the U.S…. The champion, the defender, the caregiver to people who are not able to see the sunshine. God’s fingers reap out through the contact of the us; it’s the land of the free, the hope of humanity, however. Liberty is valuable and walks hand in hand with laws enforcement.

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